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Yevgen Marchuk: In the Next Two Days Ukraine Will Reach the Most Critical Point in Its Independent History

Kyiv, 27 March 2014 – During a briefing at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center, Mr. Marchuk presented his view of what is going on at the eastern and southeastern borders of Ukraine: “There are some indicators suggesting that within the next two days a serious provocation can occur. From the point of view of common sense, it is hard to image, but from the point of view of a military conflict, it’s absolutely real.”

According to Mr. Marchuk, the current situation is the beginning of the second phase of an operation carried out by Russia with respect to Ukraine, and it may be way more dangerous than the entire Crimean phase. Today, it is clear for security experts that in the next two days Ukraine will reach the most critical point in its independent history, which is connected with the simultaneous occurrence of certain factors.

Mr. Marchuk commented: “I would like to emphasize that I am not a public official. This information derives from my expert knowledge. Apart from reports from the military, there are some precise indicators, especially when an offensive operation is prepared. There are things you cannot keep secret, except for the plots conceived at the headquarters, predominantly inside the head of one person. The military are following a very clear pattern of actions, such as offense, defense and intelligence, from which one can determine the extent to which tactical reconnaissance is being conducted at the potential battle ground. Everyone knows now that Russia has resorted to unconventional occupation. Indications of similar actions can now be seen in Ukraine, especially in Donetsk.”

Yevgen Marchuk went on to say: “There are certain types of operations and certain stages which you cannot hold back for a long time, and you have to either retreat or strike. For example, Donetsk and its suburbs are crowded with ‘tourists’ wearing civilian clothing, headed by ‘tour guides’. I cannot tell you all the details because only those people who are there can know the actual state of affairs, but unfortunately, there are all indications that at the beginning, instead of a massive military assault by the Russian troops in Ukraine there will be a well organized group of people armed with automatic guns. I don’t want to talk about the scenarios that might follow. This doesn’t mean that this all will happen inevitably. It can be blocked and I know that right now every effort is being made for that purpose. USA’s statement about the possible invasion is also a very serious message.”

According to Mr. Marchuk, all governmental institutions are aware of these two days ahead of us. He added: “I do not expect the pressure to decrease within 10 days, I think it will last until 30 May.”

Yevgen Marchuk if a Ukrainian Army General, former Minister of Defense and former Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

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