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Yesterday UA positions near Donetsk were shelled 18 times

March 10, 2015

Fighter used automatic grenade launcher, mortars and even artillery

Yesterday UA positions near Donetsk were shelled 18 times

Spokesperson of the General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces Vladyslav Selezniyov informed this during press briefing in Kyiv.

In course of the last day positions of Ukrainian forces near Donetsk city were shelled 18 times. In particular, settlements of Pisky, Vodyane, Tonenke, Opytne and Avdiivka suffered shelling [see map above].

When violating Minsk agreements fighters used automatic grenade launchers, mortars and artillery to fire with.

In addition, positions of Ukrainian forces were shelled near town of Avdiivka [4 times], Troitske, Luhanske etc. For more information concerning locations of shelling and armed clashes see map above.

In direction to Luhansk city the ceasefire regime was violated twice. Terrorists shelled positions of Ukrainian forces near villages of Krymske and Sokolnyky with small arms.


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