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Yarosh was appointed an advisor to head of General Staff

Yarosh was appointed an advisor to head of General Staff

MP, leader of the Right Sector Dmytro Yarosh has been appointed an advisor to head of General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Head of the General Staff of UA Armed Forces Colonel-General Viktor Muzhenko and conductor of Volunteer Ukrainian Corpus came to agreements to appoint Dmytro Yarosh advisor to Chief of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

They also specified the format of cooperation between Volunteer Ukrainian Corpus and Ukrainian Armed Forces. This was agreed during meeting in General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Muzhenko underlined that in course of one year army had made a huge jump towards increasing of its fighting capability. ‘We highly appreciate significant contribution of all volunteer battalions in the defense of the homeland against the aggressor from the east. Fighters of VUC demonstrated their high motivation and fighting spirit in many battles. Their experience and knowledge will work for development of Ukrainian Armed Forces’.

In his turn, Yarosh underlined that unity is the key condition for further successful fight and expressed readiness to build cooperation and integration of volunteer battalions into Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Yarosh assured that when performing common task with the Army, VUC is ready to subordinate of Army commandment in matters related to defense of country from external enemy and it enables every patriot to defend Ukraine.

‘Someone is mobilized into the army, someone goes to volunteers. Meanwhile there is a large part of volunteers who due to different reasons cannot fight constantly, but they are ready to fight on rotation basis. We’ll seek for legal reflection of these realities of war in particular and to build social protection of soldiers and their families’, – Yarosh said.


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