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There are no wounded soldiers who don’t want to live

There are no wounded soldiers who don’t want to live

Head of polytrauma intensive care department in Dnipropetrovsk Mechnikova Hospital Igor Yovenko speaks about everyday heroism of Ukrainian doctors who save lives of servicemen.

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They should be called heroes

According to doctor Yovenko, everything that doctors do should be called heroism. Because the do their job every day despite lack of funding and different problems that Ukrainians experience today.

Doctors do their job on the high level and achieve their goals.

During mini excursion around the department doctor Yovenko spoke about his patients. Some of them have really bad injuries. But medics have noticed it long ago that servicemen bear their wounds and serious blood losses in different way. They cure better, they respond to treatment in better way that household traumas. And these guys really fight to live.

Human factor should always be on the first place in medicine

everything that doctors do should be called heroism

The doctor says that there are several important factors in modern medicine. The first one is people. Human factor is always on the first place. Personnel should be educated, trained and people should be argued in some sort of way. Both morally and materially, people have the right to argued.

The first battle when Ukrainians were injured

Doctor remembers the first battle in which Ukrainian servicemen were injured.

Three people were delivered to hospital simultaneously.

‘I remember them well. This was the first such big battle when Ukrainian soldiers were wounded. I still don’t want to believe that this is for long time. I want to believe that this will end soon, but we see that despite all agreements and promises it continues’.

The doctors don’t bother themselves with definitions of Ukrainian conflict be it anti-terrorist operation or civil war or anything else. They do their job and what is important is that people suffer, some of them lose life.

‘For us as for medics it is not important what has happened: it was an explosion of gas station or shooting. At our time, at our XXI century, it cannot be in central Europe that such things happen. This is an anomaly’.

There have never be such wounded who wouldn’t want to live

Doctor underlines that there have never been such injured soldiers who wouldn’t want to live. On the contrary, all of them want to recover as fast as possible and ask to return them to duty.

‘Everything that is done in situation dangerous for life counts for seconds, minutes. Mistake or even the smallest delay can determine negative result. To win time is often to win life. To win is to do everything in time. Our credo, our rule is this: we always fight till the end. We never stop treatment until the heart beats and until there is even a small hope’.

Tears of grief are replaced by tears of joy of parents whose child medics managed to save. And when doctors see person who had 1-2% chance to stay alive walk on his legs in months or two – this is the biggest pleasure from work.

Job of doctor is a worthy one, although it is bitter that it is underestimated by the government and Ukrainian medics have to work in conditions worse than in Europe of USA.

‘I would advice my colleagues never to regret about choosing this profession and always get pleasure’, – the doctor says. – ‘Go to work with pleasure and come back home with a sense of accomplishment. When you can really say that you returned someone to life – it is a huge pleasure from your job, your knowledge and abilities’.


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