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Works of Art You Can Eat from Dinara Kasko

2 in 1: a cake and architecture, a hobby and professionalism, a mom and a world-famous pastry chef. We think this is very cool!

Kharkiv confectioner Dinara Kasko is well-known all over the world. She has combined her architect’s precision, an artist’s imagination and advanced 3D modelling skills in her own unique recipe for success. The amazing geometrical cakes Dinara creates are pure art. You can eat her cakes but may not want to – they are just too beautiful to eat.

Watching Dinara create her culinary masterpieces – from 3D modelling and 3D printing to the actual act of slicing them with a knife – is a pleasure in itself. On her Youtube channel, Dinara shares fascinating videos which document the process of making her most spectacular cakes. One of them has been created especially for Land Rover’s 70th Anniversary, ONELIFE Land Rover magazine cover. It features a chocolate installation each slice of which shows every year of Land Rover’s life (

Another incredible idea is the Algorithmic Modeling Cake made using a graphical algorithm editor Grasshopper and 3D printer.

For the those who love the good old fruit decor, there is the irresistible Cherry cake made for the new issue of SoGood Magazine. Dinara writes: “I decided to experiment with various objects placed in a constrained space. At first, the idea was to pour spheres into an invisible box. However, soon after I decided to replace spheres with cherries”. 

As a result, the cake looks both geometric and fruity. It is not only beautiful, but also tasty: a chocolate sponge cake with a crispy layer, berry confit with LUXARDO Maraschino, cherry cremaux with Valrhona Manjari, and chocolate mousse (gluten-free).

Though Dinara Kasko is well-known all over the world, she is still quite little known in Ukraine. She says, her parents got interested in what she was doing in her own kitchen only after she got famous. In her newest TED-talk, Dinara is telling a story of her transformation from an architect into a baker, or, to be more precise, “an architectural pastry chef.” Dinara’s example proves that the emergence of new technologies has opened up many new career possibilities for people coming from the most varied life backgrounds.

Success has not changed Dinara: in her masterclasses, she is as friendly, unpretentious and helpful as ever. Dinara is an inspiration for anyone in search of their true vocation. She discovered her talent by accident – at first, she only baked honey cakes and cookies for the family. But she liked it so much that she decided to attend several master classes and went on to learn from the leading world masters. Then Dinara had an idea of making a mousse cake mould with a 3D printer. In this way, a hobby turned into work. Dinara’s creations have become a sensation in the culinary world. So Good magazine has published many materials about the Ukrainian wonder and even featured her cake on its cover. But Dinara is not resting on her laurels: she goes on experimenting, inventing and leaving us speechless!

Watch an interview with Dinara here: 

Check out Dinara’s Instagram for a dose of visual delight!

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