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Witness of Nemtsov murder says the killed looked not like arrested Dadayev

Witness of Nemtsov murder says the killed looked not like arrested Dadayev

The testimonials given by Nemtsov murder suspect Dadayev aren’t confirmed by the direct witness of crime scene.

Another witness appeared in criminal proceeding on murder of Russian oppositionist politician Boris Nemtsov.

According to new spread by Russian mass media, Ukrainian model Anna Durytska wasn’t the only witness of murder of Boris Nemtsov.

At the time of the attack 27 years-old manager Eugene was walking a little behind Nemtsov and his friend.

Eugene had headphones on his head and was listening to hard rock at the moment of murder. He mostly looked at screen of his smartphone when switching tracks. So that Eugene didn’t hear shots and didn’t see the very moment of murder.

However, when he looked up again, instead of a pair of people in front of him Eugene saw man lying on the sidewalk [that was Boris Nemtsov]. The woman [Anna Durytska] was standing next to him, and another one man, possibly the killer, was jumping over the border separating the sidewalk and road.

Eugene could see the running man from the back. According to him, the man was of medium height, slim built and with dark, possibly wavy hair of medium length (about 4 sm).

Eugene mentioned that the killed wore blue jeans which seemed to big for the owner, sweater with hood was too big as well.

This description doesn’t coincide with appearance of accused Dadayev who is athletic, tall man.

The witness also informed about seeing another pair of people near the crime scene – they were a girl and a middle-aged woman in black coat. After exchanging several phrases with Nemtsov’s companion the two women turned around and went to embankment of Moskva River.

Witness of Nemtsov murder says the killed looked not like arrested Dadayev

Accused Zaur Dadayev

Lawyers plan to use differences in evidence of Zaur Dadayev, who has pleaded guilty, and witness of Eugene as evidence of not involvement in the murder. The defense believes that Dadayev might have slandered himself.

On March 7 head of Federal Security Service of Russian Federation Alexander Bortnikov informed about arrest of two suspects in murder of Boris Nemtsov – they were Anzor Kubashev and Zaur Dadayev.

On March 8 during federal court hearing Dadayev admitted his involvement in the murder.

Later, on March 10 Dadayev said to human rights defenders that he testified to save himself and his friend Ruslan Yusupov who was with him during the arrest.

‘At the moment of arrest I was with my friend, my former subordinate Ruslan Yusupov. They said that if I confess he will be released. I agreed. I thought I would save him and I will be transported to Moscow alive. Otherwise I would end like Shavanov’, – Dadayev said.

Bislan Shavanov, according to official version, blew up on the grenade during the arrest.


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