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Withdrawal of troops from Debaltseve

February 18, 2015

Ukrainian troops are being withdrawn from Debaltseve

Withdrawal of troops from Debaltseve

Commander of volunteer regiment ‘Donbas’, member of parliament Semen Semenchenko informed this.

Forces of anti-terrorist operation began an organized withdrawal of troops from blocked Debaltseve. Using the ceasefire agreement, Russian-terrorist forces brought all their reserves to this location. Terrorists are actively trying to prevent the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces.

According to Mr. Semenchenko, the withdrawal of troops is being well planned and organized.

The main supply route M-103 which was used to deliver supplies to Ukrainian forces is not controlled by our troop because of village of Logviovo. The village is under control of Russian-terrorist forces. Ukrainian forces made numerous attempts to seize the location, but the ene,y had brought too many reserves there.

The other roads that lead to Debaltseve are controlled by Ukrainian armed forces. The enemy tries to block these roads to prevent withdrawal of Ukrainian troops.

According to data from Mr. Semenchenko, Ukrainian artillery actively participates in withdrawal operation by suppressing the fire emplacements of the enemy.

‘The road of life is firmly controlled by our military units. We constantly repel attacks of terrorists. There work howitzer, [multiple rocket launcher systems] Grad, Uragan, mortars, tanks. Generally it is really hot there. Glory to Ukraine!’.

Journalist Andrey Tsaplienko also informed about retreat. ‘We are going away’, – the journalist wrote.

Source: commander of volunteer regiment ‘Donbas’, MP Semen Semenchenko

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