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With Word and Deed

In the situation of the increasingly terrifying pandemic situation in Ukraine, the price of antimicrobial agents has risen dramatically, and some of their components simply cannot be found anywhere. Priests from the department of social service of the Kyiv Metropolitanate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine have decided to help underprivileged Ukrainians and hospitals by launching their own production of antiseptics.

They gather daily at the Sunday School at the Vydubychi Monastery, producing antiseptic agents according to the recipe of the World Health Organization. The disinfectant solution can be made from alcohol, glycerol, hydrogen peroxide and water. 

The first small parties were prepared and poured by the priests by hand and distributed to poor people. Now the team members are looking for ways to produce more antiseptic fluid. The monastery fraternity is ready to process up to two tonnes of raw material every day, but it is either hardly available or sold at inflated prices. Antiseptics produced by the churchmen are also mailed to Kharkiv, Odesa and other major cities of Ukraine.

“I have the feeling that we are now undergoing a major change like the one that happened during the Maidan – only on a planetary scale. And the enemy is scarier because it is invisible. I hope that, as during the Maidan and the beginning of the war in the Donbas, the first shock will pass and the most socially active Ukrainians will come to help not only themselves but also people close to them,” says Oleksandr Khomenko, the author of the photograph.


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