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Why does Ukraine export weapons during war?

Why does Ukraine export weapons during war?

One ‘Oplot’ is worth 30 repaired T-64

‘Ukroboronprom’ explains that sales of weapons abroad help perform military tasks inside the country and brings considerable profits which are used for technical modernization.

Unian reports this with reference to Deputy Director General of ‘Ukroboronprom’ Sergiy Pinkas.

According to him, the necessity of selling abroad is determined through state mechanisms.

For example, armored personnel carriers that had been produced for export were used by the National Guard instead and for the General Staff.

What concerns ‘Oplot’ tanks, Mr. Pinkas underlines that this discussion is clear: cost of one ‘Oplot’ is equivalent to 30 repaired T-64 tanks.

When it comes to question what is correct for our army, everyone understands that it is better to have 30 tanks than one.

Deputy Director of asked for opportunity to work for export.

‘If today Army needs 70 APCs, we produce 70 and provide them for troops, then we produce 10 more machines – let us possibility to export them. We’ll get possibility not to lose contracts, get currency earnings and use these funds for modernization of production capacities’.


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