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Why did Putin ‘die’ in March?

Why did Putin ‘die’ in March?

Version of section ‘Delta’ of Information resistance group on reasons for mysterious disappearance of Vladimir Putin this March.

On February 27 leading Russian oppositionist Boris Nemtsov was murdered in the center of Moscow by group of unknown people.

Who organized the crime?

On February 28 Ramzan Kadyrov wrote in his Instagram: ‘There are no doubts that murder of Nemtsov was organized by Western Special Services which seek any means to cause internal Russian conflict’.

On March 7 it turned out that murder of Nemtsov was organized not by western special services, but by Northern ones – on this day Zaur Dadaev was arrested in Ingushetia. Dadaev is commander of Chechen battalion ‘Sever’ [North], which is part of Internal Russian troops. Dadaev was fired from this battalion before his arrest and now cooperates with investigation.


Russian oppositions planned to organize ‘Spring’ march in Moscow on March 1 and Boris Nemtsov was also supposed to participate. Taking into account his political importance, Federal Security Service should have sent a team of external supervision of the prominent member of opposition before holding massive meeting in Moscow. This practice survived from the times of Soviet Committee of National Security.

Experts note that such supervision team can consist of 4 to 10 officers who have vehicles, communication means, devices for optical surveillance, radio control etc.

Taking this into account experts come to the following conclusion: murder of Nemtsov should have been registered by external supervision brigade and, if desired, they could have detained killers. Or someone gave order to remove the brigade on the day of murder so that they couldn’t witness it.

Meanwhile, such witnesses were not found. And arrest of suspects took place only a week after murder of Boris Nemtsov.

Putin disappeared to distract attention from Nemtsov

And then, after appearance of uncomfortable questions about ‘Sever’ [North] battalion and its role in murder of Boris Nemtsov, after delirium of Ramzan Kadyrov that Zaur Daadaev is ‘true Russian patriot’, Putin ‘died’. Before this he awarded Ramzan with Medal of Honor.

Experts of section ‘Delta’ of Information Resistance group suppose than Vladimir Putin wasn’t ill, he didn’t die of fly to Europe to see someone’s baby. He just went to have rest before all Russian Sabbath [anniversary of occupation of Crimea].

After that the Kremlin successfully launched fake rumor about his death and coup d’etat. Ramzan Kadyrov and Kremlin press service worked to support the total hysteria on death of Putin demonstrating fake evidence of his appearance in public.

And correspondingly, the next few days people didn’t care much for murder of Nemtsov. Including West. Everyone was searching for Russian president.

And before March 16 Putin resurrected. Then they celebrated ‘returning of Crimea’. And then there was something important as well. In few words, people didn’t have time to ponder on Nemtsov’s murder and those who ordered this crime.

Source: Information Resistance group

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