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Who implements Minsk protocol?  

Who implements Minsk protocol?   

Russia backed fighters often accuse Ukrainian armed forces of disrupting Minsk protocol

The infographics above aims to display real situation with implementation of Minsk protocol by the both sides of conflict.

The point # 2 of Minsk agreements says that both sides of conflict should withdraw their military equipment at equal distance in order to create the safety zone with a width of 50 km for artillery of 100 mm caliber and more. Security zone of 70 should be created for multiple rocket launcher systems. MRLS Tprnado-S, Uragan, Smerch and tactical missile system Tochka U should have safety zone of 140 km.

From its side, Ukraine has provided access for OSCE special monitoring mission to register storage sites for heavy weapons of Ukrainan armed forces. The SMM members registered withdrawal of heavy military equipment in accordance with Minsk protocol.

However, neither Donetsk People’s Republic nor Luhansk People’s Republic have given information about actual withdrawal of their weapons. OSCE SMM members were not allowed to monitor this process. According to reconnaissance data, withdrawal of heavy weapons in self-proclaimed republics was demonstrative but not real.

Infographics provided by Ukraine Crisis Media Center. Visit their website to find more.


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