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Lawyers don’t know where Savchenko is

Lawyers don’t know where Savchenko is

Currently lawyers of Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko have no idea where she is. Information about her whereabouts can be published only on July 27.

Savchenko’s lawyer Mark Feigin informed this on air of Channel24.

According to Mark Feigin Savchenko was deported on July 17, so that Russian government has got 10 days, until July 27, when it can give her family no information about where is Savchenko.

Feigin suggested that most real location of Savchenko is jail in Rostov-on-Don or town of Kamyansk-Shahtynsk in Rostov-on-Don oblast.

‘It all depends on reasons which will be chosen by organizers. Distance between Rostov and Donetsk is 160 km, it is a long and tiring trip. It’s 15 minutes trip from Shahtynsk’.


Previously it was reported that when preparing to transportation to Rostov oblast Savchenko wrote her will in the name of her mother and sister.

In interview to ‘Open Russia’ organization Ukrainian pilot said that she might be tried in Rostov oblast because investigators believe that she had crossed border illegally there. So this is kind of crime place.

Savchenko had written a will because she was about to be transported to border zone where war takes place.

‘I don’t care if they give me 25 years in jail or kill on the road, or a mad shell hits the court building. Anything can happen there’, – Ukrainian pilot said.

In addition, her sister and mother would not be able to attend the court hearing. In order to arrive to border zone they as foreigners need to ask Federal Security Service for permission.


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