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Western sanctions seem complete stupidity for Putin

October 2, 2014

Putin called western sanctions a ‘complete stupidity’

Western sanctions seem complete stupidity for Putin

President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that sanctions against Russian would have negative impact at global economy.

President called anti-Russian sanctions a complete stupidity saying that they would have significant negative consequences for global economy.

Putin issued this statement on Thursday, October 2 during the 6-th annual investment forum VTB Capital ‘Russia calls!’. Session where the President participates is called ‘Development of Russia: in search of new possibilities’.

When answering the questions of participants of the forum Putin said that Moscow calmly treats restriction imposed on it. ‘One shouldn’t get hung up on this’, – he said.

At the same time, Putin believes that sanctions ‘violate fundamental principles of WTO, undermine confidence in international financial institutions and currencies’.


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