Life in Ukraine. Live, @ first hand.

When you are at war we cannot live in peace

When you are at war we cannot live in peace

Young people from Georgia recorded a video appeal to Ukrainian people. The video named ‘Students’ NO to occupation’ was published on YouTube channel of Free University of Tbilisi.

In their appeal young people mentioned the forced joining of Georgia to USSR in 1921, Ukrainian Famine in 1933 and death penalties in 1937.

Our common enemy has proven many times that peace in the world is under threat’, – they say.

Young people underline tat the threat to peace existed before they were born and it still exists.

Georgian students express their gratitude for Ukrainian support during conflicts in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

They underline that currently Ukraine is at war. And they [students] cannot live in peace when we are at war.

Source: YouTube

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