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Volodymyr Volkov: Ukraine-Russia border should be sealed off immediately


Bringing to justice all the public officials guilty of a crime of omission, sabotage and direct treason as well as immediate sealing off the Ukraine-Russia border should be the two priorities of the newly elected President of Ukraine. This was stated by the Chief of Staff of the National Guard of Ukraine Volodymyr Volkov during his briefing in Ukrainian Crisis Media Center. Public Council of the National Guard of Ukraine also calls upon Petro Poroshenko to impose a state of emergency and conduct a full-scale military operation for effective fight against terrorists in the East of Ukraine.

Mr. Volkov informed that the Staff of the National Guard of Ukraine addressed Petro Poroshenko the letter concerning the settlement of the situation in Eastern regions of Ukraine. «We need to create antiterrorist headquarters to fight against the threat we faced in Luhansk and Donetsk regions. The President is to consider proposals of the Public Council of the National Guard on the full-scale military operation», – stated Volodymyr Volkov.

In their open letter to the President of Ukraine the Staff of the National Guard of Ukraine highlighted the following seven statements aimed at instant resolving of the conflict:

  • Immediate sealing off the Ukraine-Russia border.
  • Announcement of the state of emergency on the territory of Eastern regions of Ukraine.
  • Strengthening of Ukrainian Border Security Forces by military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Making the Order to the National Guard of Ukraine on taking Ukrainian border under the defense public.
  • Conduction of full-scale efficient military operation involving Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard of Ukraine and people’s volunteer corps in areas of terrorists’ assembly.
  • Prosecution under martial law officials guilty of criminal inactivity, sabotage and direct treason of Ukraine.
  • Filing a request with the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution recognizing the Russian Federation as a country pursuing an undeclared war against Ukraine through terrorist methods.

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