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Volodymyr Volkov: Tomorrow’s Farewell to the Unknown Soldier is a Symbol of Unity of Maidan and Ukraine


Kyiv, 4 April 2014 – Tomorrow there will be a farewell ceremony to the nameless Hero of Maidan, which is also a commemoration of all the fighters for a better future of Ukraine, announced Volodymyr Volkov, Chief of Staff of the National Guard of Ukraine, at the Ukrainian crisis media center. An unknown fighter, romantic, who was known only by the pseudonym – Warrior of the White Hammer – fell victim to a fire in the House of Trade Unions on the 18-20th of February. The solemn prayer will start at 10.00 at the Ukrainian House.

Mr. Volkov said that the National Guard of Ukraine took custody of the burial of a young man as he swore allegiance to the Ukrainian people on January, 29th and should be buried as a combatant with all military honors. According to Mr. Volkov, unfortunately, the relatives of the Maidan activist have not been found 50 days since his death, and visual recognition is impossible due to heavy burns. The DNA map has shown that the young man was only 23-25 ​​years old.

“The representatives of all faiths will be present at the funeral, as we cannot know for sure what religion he belonged to. Thus it will become a symbol of unity of the Ukrainian people, and witness to the phenomenon of Maidan to the world – said the Chief of Staff of the National Guard. – All authorities – Kyiv City Administration, Office of Prosecutor General, the military – have united to help organize the commemoration”.

The Unknown Soldier will be buried as a Hero of Ukraine at Askold’s Grave, opposite to the Kruty Heroes Memorial. “As students gave their lives for Ukraine near Kruty, so the Heroes of Maidan – Heavenly Hundred – gave their lives for our country’s future, with direct and real democracy”, – said Volodymyr Volkov.

Kruty Heroes – 500 cadets who died defending Kyiv at the Battle of Kruty delaying the advancement of Bolshevik Red Army on January 29, 1918.

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