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Volodymyr Flyonts: “Our Goal is to Help Make Presidential Elections Transparent through IT”


Kyiv, May 13, 2014 – Copies of the primary database protocols will be issued for the first time in Ukraine. This was stated by Volodymyr Flyontz, Leader of the Civic Initiative “Electronic Elections” and key software developer, during a briefing at the Ukrainian Crisis Media  Center.

According to Mr. Flyonts, the main objective of developing this system is to ensure transparency of the electoral process during the voting at the elections of the President of Ukraine and the mayor of Kyiv. After the development of the technology during the election, it may be applied during the following ones.

The efficiency of this system depends on how actively members of election commissions, observers and journalists will collaborate with the developers of the program. To implement a system it is necessary to collect as many photocopies of ballots with digital signatures as possible and send them to the developers. Next, volunteers will check the completed form, and then ballots will be counted. It is expected that in this way the preliminary results will be released before the CEC.

Commenting on the issue of cooperation with the candidates, Volodymyr Flyonts said that as of today there are already preliminary agreements with a number of candidates, as well as the Committee of Voters of Ukraine. As for the guarantee of receiving photocopies of protocols, then, according to Mr. Flyontsa, everything will depend on headquarters’ activity and willingness to provide information.

Volodymyr Flyontz, Leader of the Civic Initiative “Electronic Elections” and key software developer.

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