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Volleys of heavy arillery heard in Mariupol

September 19, 2014

According to eyewitnesses one can hear volley in one district of the town

Volleys of heavy guns heard in Mariupol

‘Volleys of heave artillery can be heard in Mariupol. If only our posts were intact’, – local resident wrote in Twitter.

‘Now it is quiet in Mariupol. But I can’t hear a lot from my district. Emergency vehicle are not riding. Perhaps nobody is injured’, – the other user wrote.

Meanwhile, local news agency 0629 reports about shelling of the town. It all began with sounds of ‘Grads’ [multiple rocket launcher system], now we can hear weaker volleys’, – said the local resident.

The headquarters of territorial defense of the town also received a lot of calls concerning the shelling. The shelled area is currently being specified.


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