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Vladyslav Selezniov: Violent confrontation near the Administration of Luhansk boundary command continues


Kyiv, June 2, 2014 – Last night more than 200 armed men fired Administration of Luhansk boundary troop using machine guns and grenade launchers, which caused injures among Ukrainian frontier guards. ”Aircrafts involved within the framework of ATO arrived at the scene and performed combat task by destroying 2 trench-mortars of the terrorists. But full-scale support from air is impossible because of the terrorists’ location in residential districts”, – said from the scene the Official speaker of ATO Vladyslav Selezniov during a briefing on the phone in Ukrainian Crisis Media Center.

Administration of Luhansk boundary troop is the key object coordinating activities of border services in the region. That is why appropriate measures are taken for its defense and safety. “Based on the Anti-Terrorist Center Management Task Force Border Troop is established to coordinate ATO forces and border guards. Aviation involvement in the combat zone is a vivid example of this interaction,” – said Mr. Selezniov.

The speaker added that the civilians were also noticed in the combat zone and pointed out that “being in a combat zone, especially near the positions of terrorist is dangerous”. Vladyslav Selezniov reminded that “the task of ATO lies in provision of peace and tranquility in the region and ATO forces will never apply force against civilians, but at the same time the citizens should follow the recommendations concerning their security in the ATO zone”.

According to Mr. Selezniov, militants continue searching for the ways out of the encirclement. The security forces’ checkpoint in the suburbs of Slovyansk, which blocks the terrorists, was shelled last night. The fire in response stopped the terrorists. There are no injured among Ukrainian militaries.

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