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Vladyslav Selezniov: Appropriate measures have been taken to strengthen the Ukrainian border


Kyiv, May 28, 2014 – The active phase of the antiterrorist operation (ATO) proceeds according to the agreed plan and objectives. “Taking into account the risks we have faced on the Ukrainian-Russian border for 3 days, appropriate measures have been taken to strengthen the Ukrainian border. That involves forces and steps to prevent the penetration of militants and armament to Ukraine from the territory of the Russian Federation”, – said Vladyslav Selezniov, Official speaker of the anti-terrorist operation during a briefing over the phone in Ukrainian Crisis Media Centre.

Terrorists continue to destabilize the region. For example, the militants started firing the positions of Ukrainian militaries in Rubizhne at night, and after a certain period of time turned mortars and automatic grenade towards residential areas of the city. Thus, according to speaker, the militants are trying to stage a response of Ukrainian security forces. “We emphasize that the forces of ATO are not and will not carry out attacks on civilians. Such issues are planned sabotage aimed at discrediting the Ukrainian security forces in the region”, – said Mr. Selezniov.

The attacks on the block stations of the Ukrainian militaries were not carried out during the day, the terrorists tried to make shelling of residential areas of tactical fire. According to the latest information of ATO speaker, “as a result of the special operation of security forces propelled unit “Nona-S” was damaged and disabled”.

Mr. Selezniov has confirmed that trying to strengthen the lost positions in Sloviansk the militants mined a number of objects, including tank with sulfuric acid. He also stressed that “the ATO is quite flexible and gives to opportunity to continue to carry out its tasks with certain adjustments, subject to the circumstances and threats, in order to ensure peace in the region”.

Some militants are already ready to cooperate. “Abver personally tried to contact the ATO management to discuss the opportunities of terrorists’ retreat”, – said the speaker. However, voluntary assembly of weapons can be the only subject of negotiations and condition of the terrorists’ security.

Investigating bodies continue their work in Donetsk to find out the causes and consequences of the events occurred in the city on May 26.

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