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Vladyslav Selezniov: All the forces of ATO have been put on the highest alert to ensure free voting of the citizens in the East of Ukraine

Kyiv, May 24, 2014 – Now the main goal of the ATO is to ensure free voting in the area of anti- terrorist operation (ATO). “All the forces of ATO have been put on the highest alert, all available forces and measures are aimed at protecting civilians in order the citizens in the East of Ukraine could take part in the election of the President of Ukraine”, – said Vladyslav Selezniov, Official speaker of the anti-terrorist operation during a briefing over the phone in Ukrainian Crisis Media Centre.

Ukrainian security forces continue to block terrorist groups to prevent their movement to other regions of Ukraine and the expansion of the area of subversive activities. According to Mr. Selezniov the terrorists are doing and will do their best to destabilize the region on the eve of presidential elections in Ukraine. “Three attacks on the positions of Ukrainian security forces near the city of Slovyansk were only undertaken last night. The terrorists fired from automatic weapons and grenade trying to break through the cordon. The attacks were reverberated by the Ukrainian security forces”, – said the spokesman of ATO.

Vladyslav Selezniov provided the data of CEC, which show that 20 out of 34 election districts in the area ATO have been captured by terrorists. It means that the staff is not physically able to carry out the responsibilities.

Militants continue to reinforce the entrances to Slovyansk, terrorizing local residents. “We are informed that, trying to avoid responsibility for their actions, the militants and their leaders announced civilians of Slavyansk to leave the city before the election. So they try to leave the city with civilians,”- said Mr. Selezniov.

According to the official speaker of the ATO, investigation regarding recent tragic events in cities Rubizhne and Volnovakha is being conducted. As soon as the reasons which caused the death of Ukrainian militaries are defined, Mr. Selezniov promised to disclose this information.


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