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Vlad Troyitskyy: what is happening in the South and East of Ukraine is a consequence of humanitarian strategy absence


Kyiv, April 22nd 2014. A group of artists launched a new initiative – “Artforum”, which will be held from April 27 to May 23, 2014 in Kiev. An objective of the project is to draw attention to humanitarian issues in post-revolutionary Ukraine.

The following people spoke on “Artforum” and the situation in Ukraine during a briefing at the Ukrainian crisis media center:
• Evgeny Utkin, IT-entrepreneur;
• Vlad Troyitskyy, founder of GogolFest festival;
• Alex Kogan, Ukrainian jazzman, co-founder of the “Jazz in Kiev” festival;
• Rami Abu Shamsiya, Assistant, Department of Surgery № 1;
• Alexander Starodubcev, co-founder of the Maidan’s Open University;
• Leonid Komskyy, co-founder of the DUKAT Auction House.

According to Yevgeny Utkin, the purpose of the initiative is uniting creative forces and coordination of different kinds of art. For this purpose, a unified platform “Artforum” which will help to implement the most interesting and challenging art initiatives was created.

During a month (April 27 to May 23) within the framework of “Artforum” various events will take place. All events are combined in the three main areas: Art (concerts, exhibitions, theater), Discussion (discussion the future of Kyiv) and Education (on the model of Maidan’s Open University).
Namely the situation in Ukraine urged participants to create such a multidisciplinary and multicultural platform. “On the one hand, we see lack of national attention to these problems, on the other – there is a request from public for cultural events. A clear indication of this was the popularity of art events held in January and February this year”, – initiators say.

According to V.Troyitskyy, situation prevailing in Ukraine is a consequence of humanitarian development strategy absence. Such disregard for the humanitarian sector has led to the fact that these problems are being handled by Ukraine’s neighbors, both in the East and in the West.
Politicization of cultural issues prompted the “Artforum” organizers to initiate the development of the Humanitarian Security Committee. According to V.Troyitsky, active negotiations with politicians are being conducted. The purpose is to convey the importance of humanitarian issues, as well as “make” policy makers include them in their election programs.

In addition, according to the participants, Ukraine underestimates its potential in the cultural sphere. “Our country can certainly become a cultural platform both for Ukrainian and Russian artists. Rigid cultural policy in Russia makes many members of the cultural elite emigrate “- says Vlad Troitsky.

“Artforum” – an event of a new format combining exhibition, concert, theater, literary and film programme with educational activities and a broad discussion of cultural, social issues, prospects of Ukrainian art. The initiators of the project – Community Forum Kyiv NGO, Master Class Education and Culture Hous,e Festival of Contemporary Arts Gogolfest and Andriivskiy spusk music festival (AU-fest).


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