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Village of Krymske liberated without a single shot

October 20, 2014

Ukrainian Armed Forces and policemen liberated a village of Krymske without a single shot

Village of Krymske liberated without a single shot

Village liberated without a single shot

The last village of Novoaidar region of Luhansk oblast has been liberated from ‘Great troops of Don’.

The last village of Novoaidar region has been liberated. The village was included into the list of settlements that according to decision of the Verkhovna Rada [Parliament] were reassigned from one region to another. The settlements were reassigned to regions controlled by Ukrainian Governmnet in order to ensure payments of pensions, wages and social benefits to the local residents.

Previously the village of Krymske belonged to Slovyanoserbsk region. Due to the fact that Slovyanoserbsk is currently controlled by pro-Russian terrorists, Krymske and a number of other settlements have been reassigned to the region controlled by Ukrainian government.

On Saturday, October 18, the village was liberated, on Sunday head of Luhansk State Administration Hennadiy Moskal visited it.

‘Before the liberation of Krymske the Cossacks of the so-called ‘Great troops of Don’ were masters here, – Moskal informs. – almost all local residents have pro-Russian sentiments. Cossacks dealt brutally with several patriots in the village. One deputy of the village concil was executed right on the threshold of his house, the other two locals were tortured which resulted in mental disorder for one of them. Cossacks established commandant’s office in the village council’.

Moskal also mentioned that during the supremacy of Cossacks the situation in the village was close to humanitarian catastrophe. People did not receive pensions and salaries since the beginning of hostilities. Patients in local Tuberculosis Dispensary had almost nothing to eat.

Ukrainian flag was installed at the building of the village concuil. According to the secretary no one tried to rip it off. After the supremacy of ‘Don Cossacks’ people gradually began to understand they were wrong with their pro-Russian position.


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