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Viktor Chumak: Ukraine-Russia border should be fortified by means of minefields either


Kyiv, June 06, 2014 – Anti-terrorist operation forces do not control a number of border administrative units on the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.  «From Amvrosiyivka (Donetsk region), along Ukrainian border, Ukrainian army is absent within the distance of almost 60 km. In other words, border guards found themselves alone, face to face with militants.  As soon as the control over the areas and territories is taken, the border should be fortified and minefield obstacles installed», – claimed the Member of Parliament (“UDAR” party), Head of the Parliamentary Committee for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime Viktor Chumak, during a briefing in Ukrainian Crisis Media Center.

The Member of Parliament stated that Ukraine-Russia border in Donetsk region is better fortified than in Luhansk region. In his opinion, now it is necessary to fight for every square meter and conduct an attack from different sides, pushing terrorists eastwards.  At the same time, it is important to bear in mind that approximately 15% of local inhabitants support the ATO joint forces activity. «For successful conduct of ATO we need to take control over the districts which are in close vicinity from the border», – emphasized Viktor Chumak.

Head of the anti-corruption committee also specified the details of yesterday’s battle nearby “Marynivka” checkpoint in Donetsk region, when the terrorists attacked the border crossing checkpoint with fire: «Last night I talked to our border guards. During the battle against Ukrainian air force attaining the combat task, Russian aircraft was boosted into the air. Our pilot reported that while he was attaining a combat task, two Russian planes kept his plane at gunpoint all the time», – told Viktor Chumak.

First attack at “Marynivka” checkpoint was executed on June 4. Attack of Russian air forces resumed the following day. Air force of Ukrainian Armed Forces carried two fire attacks. Owing to State Border Service and Ukrainian Armed Forces teamwork successful result was reached.

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