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Video of terrorists shelling the town of Shahtarsk

Several people shouting ‘for Novorosia’ [New Russia] fire from the territory of the town stadium.

Video of terrorists shelling the town of Shahtarsk

There has been uploaded a video featuring terrorists shelling the residential areas of the town of Shahtarsk [Donetsk oblast]. Several people shouting ‘For Novorosia’ fire from the local stadium ‘Olimp’.

This stadium can be easily recognized by any resident of Shahtarsk. The stadium is located close to the town administration. Besides, the shelling is carried out in the direction of residential areas.

The terroriss actually shell civilians giving comments that they are firing at ‘Ukrainian fascists [nazi]. They also adress some person who has give them money and provided them with equipment. The shells bear short ‘messages’ to ‘Ukrainian nazi’ and ‘Benderovists’. Terrorists promise to perform the same shelling with every fascist they find.

The picture below features the stadium (outlined in red) and permits to see the direction of shelling (to the right) where residential areas and parks are located.

Video of terrorists shelling the town of Shahtarsk 1

Source: UNIAN.UA

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