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Well-known director made video about WWII veteran and his grandson who perished in Donbas

video about WWII veteran and his grandson who perished in Donbas

Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance presented a touching short video dedicated to Remembrance and Victory Days.

Well-known director made video story of veteran of World War II.

The 45-secornds vide featured 97 years old veteran of the World War II from Zaporizhzhya Ivan Zaluzhniy. He says he planned to celebrate Victory Day in 2015 with his grandson.

‘I dreamed of celebrating May 9, Victory Day with my grandson – lieutenant of the National Guard. But he died in battle defending his Motherland. My grandson used to say that he would defend just like his grandfather. He repeatedly said: ‘I am ready to give life for freedom of my Ukraine’, – the veteran says.

In one of shots the old soldiers holds an order ‘For courage’ of 3rd level with which his grandson was awarded posthumously.

23 years old Ivan Gutnyk-Zaluzhniy perished in August 2014. He got gunshot wound during shelling of Ukrainian forces checkpoint near Amvrosiivka in Donetsk oblast.

The video was made by diorector Oles Sanin who is known for ‘Guide’ and ‘Mamay’ films.


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