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Verkhovna Rada wants to get rid of Soviet clichés

Verkhovna Rada wants to get rid of Soviet clichés

Parliament of Ukraine makes steps to get rid of clichés and names preserved from times of Soviet Union.

Verkhovna Rada decided to set May 8 as Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation in honor of victims of the Second World War.

The corresponding law #2539 ‘On perpetuation of victory over Nazism in Second World War 1939-1945’ was supported by 269 deputies.

May 9 will b celebrated as Day of Victory over Nazism in WWII.

In his speech in Parliament head of Ukrainian Institute of National Memory Volodymyr Viyatovych underlined necessity to get rid of ‘Soviet clichés’. That is why the law proposes using the term ‘World War II’ instead of ‘Great Patriotic War’. In addition, usage of Soviet Symbols when honoring the memory of victims of WWII is also canceled.

The final positions of the law define that the previous law adopted in 2000 ‘On perpetuation of Victory if Great Patriotic War’ 1941-1945’ is void.

The Profile Committee supported that law #2539 and deputies voted for it.

As it is known, the term ‘Great Patriotic War’ was used in former Soviet Union to underlined that in 1941-1945 citizens defended USSR as common homeland.


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