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Unrest near Verkhovna Rada on August 31 – reasons and opinions

Unrest near Verkhovna Rada on August 31 – reasons and opinions

On August 31 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted amendments to the Constitution which are supposed to guarantee decentralization of power in the country.

This decision caused unrest inside as well as outside the Verkhovna Rada. Several parties which have greatly lost their value in coalition blocked the tribune meanwhile outside people gathered for meeting which later transformed into unrest with serious number of wounded people.

In this article LiveInUA aims to understand what caused such serious situation and losses of human life.

In addition to opinions of experts some might be of our own.

Let us start with brief explanation of what these Constitution amendments mean.


Few words about ‘special status’

Few words about ‘special status’ for Donbas

Although some political forces enjoy shouting this out, the Special Status for Donbas is not provided in the new amendments. Ukraine remains to be a unitary state with separate statuses for Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Kyiv and Sevastopol.

The Law of Special Status of Donbas was adopted on March 21, 2015. It will enter into force as soon as illegal military formations lay down their arms and are liquidated.

The special features of local government in Donbas will last for only 3 years and lose its power afterwards.

Terrorist leaders like ill famous Motorola, Givi or Igor Plotnitskiy cannot become deputies of local administration of Verkhovna Rada. Amnesty is provided only for those who haven’t committed any crimes.

Elections on the temporarily occupied territories according to Ukrainian laws and with participation of Ukrainian political parties exclusively are an obligatory condition.

Such Constitution amendments are implementation of Art. 11 of Minsk agreements. International community confirms that Ukraine, unlike Russia, fulfils its obligations.

Russia and separatists criticized these amendments saying that they are only a temporary norm on status for Donbas.


3 people killed in the unrest

3 people killed in the unrest

According to Ukraine Crisis Media Center, 3 servicemen of the National Guard died of wounds, 132 were hospitalized, several of them are in grave condition. All of them have shrapnel wounds. One militant got combined shrapnel and gunshot injury.

This is the result of unrest near the Verkhovna Rada. The largest number of injured servicemen (more than 100) appeared after former participant of anti-terrorist operation Igor Gumeniuk threw a grenade inside the crowd.

Igor Gumeniuk threw a grenade

Igor Gumeniuk

According to Unian, currently this man has been arrested for two months. In addition, the Persecutor General’s Office reported 18 people of being suspected of crimes during the incident near the Parliament.

People’s Deputy Olga Bogomolets in her report for Ukraine Crisis Media Center mentioned that former participant of anti-terrorist operation have heightened sense of justice. And when they are involved in fight for justice it is a political manipulation.

People’s Deputy Olga Bogomolets

When ATO participants, who already don’t value their life as those who haven’t been at war, when they are involved in political games it results in destruction of political elite.’ According to Bogomolets, participants of hostilities require adaptation to civilian life.

The same opinion is expressed by Anton Shvets and Dmitriy Podturkin, authors of an analytical article for

According to their opinion, former ATO servicemen require psychological rehabilitation instead of going for meetings.

These people aren’t able to dose use of force and react adequately. They just see the enemy, have the weapon (real military grenade in this case) and aren’t afraid to use it to destroy the enemy.


By the way, the authors express interesting opinion which, we believe, deserve more attention.


All points on Verkhovna Rada

All points on Verkhovna Rada

The very article is really long, so here is the extract of it.

First of all, according to Anton Shvets and Dmitriy Podturkin, the adopted amendments don’t actually make serious changes in the state and will not be fully implemented. In fact, many constitution rights of Ukrainian people are violated today, and so will be these ones.

There are fears that occupied territories with special status might become part of Ukraine and threaten its territorial integrity.

Journalists believe that if Ukrainian politics loses subjectness, the same threat will be created by itself. Secondly, who believes that self-proclaimed republics are ready to start full implementation of Minsk agreements and return themselves to Ukraine? The very commanders of these hybrid occupation forces in Ukraine are interested in protection of their financial interests on the occupied territories. They don’t care about sanctions and international opinion, all they care about is making money illegally.

All points on Verkhovna Rada

The journalists believe that incident near Verkhovna Rada has not been planned by Kremlin influencers, but it is a result of internal Ukrainian political intrigues.

Here is how they explain it.

Current coalition faces some reformations, several its member parties have significantly lost their electorate and might not get profitable posts. This is when they make populism to get the profit at the expense of state interests. Thus before the voting for amendments several parties blocked the tribune and opposed the amendments saying that they might betray Ukraine in this way.


Then journalists say that incident with fighting near Parliament was organized by those political parties which currently don’t have places in Verkhovna Rada but need more electorate before the coming elections this autumn.

The authors of this article for petrimazepa underline that the organizers of the protest probably have not planned explosion of grenade and casualties as its result. Thus the death of one servicemen of the National Guard soon after the explosion actually broke their plans on gathering electorate and all further callings for protest failed.

The authors once again underline the risk of using radical protest to get maximum political profit and call on ‘political top’ to have more sense.


[Editor] I believe that current political situation in Ukraine is too difficult to be understood and or evaluated in black and white colors. Reasons and motives of many politicians are vague and we might never know the truth.

The opinions expressed above might or might not correspond to reality, but who knows where the truth is.

I would greatly appreciate your comments on this incident.


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