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Vasyl Hatsko: we go to Kyiv city council to prevent authority monopolization


Kyiv, June 4, 2014 – Despite experts’ forecasts predicting “Democratic Alliance” party would not gather more than 0.8% votes, it passed the vote threshold to Kyiv city council. During his media briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center, the party leader Vasyl Hatsko said: «I would like to thank everyone who supported us. We go to Kyiv city council to prevent authority monopolization. Fight against corruption inside Kyiv city council is an absolute priority of “Democratic Alliance” party.

Halyna Yanchenko, number two in “Democratic Alliance” party list, who will also become a Kyiv city council deputy, told about top priorities of the party: detailed audit of Kyiv communal property, creation of practice of online petitions as direct connection between Kyiv inhabitants and Kyiv authorities, creation of online budget. «Online budget is necessary for public funds control, as the least 40 billion UAH disappear from Kyiv budget on annual basis», – noted Halyna.

Yaroslav Yurchyshyn, head of Kyiv branch of the party, emphasized that the fact of elections of the mayor taking place simultaneously with the presidential elections made contribution to large-scale violations. «Many bulletins contained inaccuracies and were sent for revision. We gathered considerable amount of materials as evidence of violations and brought them to trial. “Democratic Alliance” will do its utmost to make names of Ukrainian law violators known to the public. Any falsification of election results played into the hands of those who did not want to see a young party, fight against corruption being its top priority, in Kyiv city council», – noted Yaroslav.

Giving comments on Vitaliy Klychko and his “Udar” party’s victory at the election, Vasyl Hatsko expressed his hope that the post of Kyiv city council Secretary is to be taken by an opposition representative. According to Mr. Hatsko, it is very important for efficient unbiased activity of Kyiv city council. He also spoke in support of merging the mayor’s and Kyiv city council head’s posts.

Vasyl Hatsko also commented on the situation that resulted from party membership refusal for LGBT-community representative, Bohdan Hloba. «We admit to our party people whose views of politics and democratic society development coincide with ours. Sexual orientation of “Democratic Alliance” members is not important and will never influence our decisions», – noted Mr. Hatsko.

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