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Valeriy Chechelashvili: No one can question the new Ukrainian President’s legitimacy


The presidential elections in Ukraine were organized and held in compliance with the international standards. This is the announcement the group of GUAM observers made during their briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

The group of observers of GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development monitored the course of the presidential elections at 52 voting stations in Podoslkyi and Dniprovskyi districts of Kyiv, 7 voting stations in Boryspil town and 5 voting stations in Brovary town. «Presidential elections in Ukraine were held in compliance with the standards and warranties of OSCE and the Council of Europe, as well as the national legislation of Ukraine, and rules and procedures developed by the Central Election Committee of Ukraine. We can evaluate the election positively, as free and fair one», – noted GUAM Secretary General, Ambassador Valeriy Chechelashvili.

The remarks that group of observers of GUAM have, cannot influence the election results. According to Mr. Chechelashvili, mostly there were problems with organizational aspect of the elections: international observers’ registration rules were not equal at all the voting stations. Besides, there were huge queues at voting stations; Ukrainian citizens had to wait for several hours in order to vote. «Enormous number of Ukrainians were waiting at the voting stations from the early morning to do their civil duty. Ukrainian public spirit could be felt at these elections. Now not a single person should question the new Ukrainian President’s legitimacy. Yesterday Ukrainians applied their best efforts for it», – underlined Valeriy Chechelashvili.

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