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US-Ukrainian trainings start in Lviv

US-Ukrainian trainings start in Lviv

On Monday, April 20, in Lviv there will be held ceremony of opening of Ukrainian-US command drills with involvement of ‘Fearless Guardian-2015’ troops.

According to press-service of Ukrainian defense ministry the ceremony will take place in International center of Peacekeeping and Security of Army Academy named after hetman Petro Sagaydachniy.

290 American Marines from 173rd Airborne Brigade of US Army and combat units of the National Guard of Ukraine will participate in the drills.

According to Ukraine’s defense Minister Arsen Avakov, 900 servicemen of the National Guard will participate in training.

‘Three streams of 300 National Guard soldiers. 8 weeks per each stream. Then there will be joint training’, – the minister explained.

American instructors will teach Ukrainian servicemen to organize defense, detect positions of fighters, give medical aid and react to shelling.


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