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US Senator Benjamin Cardin: Elections is a unique opportunity for Ukrainians to establish new Ukraine


Kyiv, May 24, 2014 – Senators of US Congress Benjamin Cardin and Robert Portman came to Ukraine as part of OSCE election monitoring group to support Ukrainians in their right to have free and fair elections. “This is a unique opportunity for Ukrainian people to participate in the elections tomorrow, to choose their leader and establish Ukraine as a country where people can determine their leaders without interference from other countries”, – said US Senator from Maryland Benjamin Cardin during the press-conference at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

“There is nothing more powerful than being here seeing all those tires, chad smell, tributes for hundreds patriots who gave their lives for better life of Ukraine. This was a powerful experience for us. We are here to talk about the new beginning”, – added Robert Portman, US Senator from Ohio, being impressed after his visit of Maidan earlier this day.

The senators mentioned about today`s briefings with Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk and Minister for foreign affairs Andriy Deshchytsia where they discussed the possibilities of cooperation and help “to build stronger Ukraine”. “US Congress has already taken certain actions with regard to illegal invasion of Crimea, with regard to economy here in Ukraine and, finally, some assistance from the military side. We also talked about what can be done in addition to what has been already provided by American people through US Congress”, – said Senator Portman.

US senators highlighted the strong support of Ukrainian people from republicans and democrats as well as from US Administration and Congress. “We continue standing up against the illegal action of Russia in Crimea and intimidations and loss of lives that have been imposed in the East of Ukraine”, – said Senator Cardin.

Commenting the recent Russia-China gas deal Senator Cardin admitted the necessity of having alternative energy sources that are available worldwide. “On energy issues the United States feel very strong having global energy markets and smart energy policy, so we are not dependent on countries that don`t share our vision and our values”, – said Mr. Cardin. He also mentioned that US Congress and Administration are working to deal with developing alternative energy sources in Europe.

In Mr. Portman`s opinion NATO and US have a role in Ukraine helping to keep the peace. “I do believe that there is need for us to be more active in the region”, – said senator Portman. Moreover, according to Mr. Cardin, the discussions among Ukraine, US and Europe concerning the technical support are taking place.

Senator Cardin also mentioned that there is a huge potential for investments in Ukrainian economy, especially in the sphere of agriculture. “The success of a new government will depend upon two major factors. First, the economy needs to work for all people in Ukraine. Second, the Government should fight corruption”, – said senator Cardin.

Commenting on the role of Russia in the Ukrainian crisis Mr. Cardin claimed: “Russia violated every single core of Helsinki principles. They violated the specific agreements with Ukraine, they violated UN commitments that they`ve been made before.”
“It is very challenging to figure out how to deal with someone who is not being straightforward. We are not even clear what the end game is all about. Let`s place the blame where it belongs. The blame belongs to Mr. Putin. We want to do everything we can to find a diplomatic resolution to these issues for the sense of humanity”, – said Senator Cardin.

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