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Up to 10 years in jail for organizing supply of body armour for the National Guard

July 25, 2014

Polish body armour will be destroyed and volunteers who have bought them will be sent to prison for up to 10 years.

Up to 10 years in jail for organizing supply of body armour for the National Guard

Ukrainian pravda informs about this referring to the Fund ‘Vidkryty dialog’ (Open dialogue).

In particular it is mentioned that volunteers have already transferred more that 270 body armors to Ukrainian Armed Forces, in particular they transferred them on themselves through Ukrainian-Polish border. This method is called ‘ant’. It demands lots of time and volunteers to deliver a normal lot.

On March 29 volunteers organized delivery of a large party of body armors of the highest standard – 4-th category (NATO). But Polish border guard and customs service detained this humanitarian aid that consisted of 42 bullet-proof armors. Reason – absence of license for the supply of such equipment. At that moment the Fund considered them to be a protective equipment. Then a party consisting of 116 helmets transported by another volunteers was added to body armors.

Protective equipment was purchased legally for volunteers’ money collected on permission of Polish government.

According to Polish journalists on Tuesday July 22 Deputy Attorney of the town of Zamostya who leads the case transferred Roman Kushnir, Andriy Havunko and 10 more volunteers of the Foundation from the status of witnesses to accused.

Currently the detained driver and volunteers are threatened by imprisonment for up to 10 years for violation of the customs legislation, the equipment is to be destroyed.

‘In order to solve this problem and release Roman and Andriy we need Ukrainian government to confirm the purpose of the armors. Currently we’re waiting for letter from Ukrainian government saying that these body arms are humanitarian aid which is not to be sold and they’ll be given to sub-units of Ukrainian armed forces for free’.


Source: UNIAN.UA

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