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Unique technology for growing bones helps ATO veterans

Unique technology for growing bones helps ATO veterans

Ukrainian surgeons and biotechnologists use their invention to grow bones for ATO veterans.

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New technology for growing bones is a result of decade of research of doctors and biologists from Donetsk institute of emergency and reconstructive surgery.

General Director of the hospital Oleksiy Shershniov says that usually they have patients that have already received treatment in other hospitals, often such treatment has been unsuccessful. Currently they have 22 wounded soldiers of Ukrainian Army. Every month they try to accept 3-4 injured servicemen.

Although methodic of restoring bones using stem cells is wide spread in the world, only one team can do this in Ukraine. They say that effectives of method developed by biologists with Dmytro Zubov and Roman Vasiliev is 97.7%. The world index of effectiveness varies from 80 to 93%.

The method consists in the fact that scientists grow a piece of bone tissue as engineering 3d matrix. Special carrier and patient’s own cells MSCs (mesenchymal stem cells) are introduced into the body part. The carrier is shaped like a bone that has been badly damaged.

Relatively speaking, all is needed is to leave cells there for some time to get the necessary shape. Then cells begin to turn into a bone tissue. They not only guarantee merging of bone with graft, they also create blood vessels, muscles and other tissue types. In result there is complex regeneration effect.

Using this method doctors can restore badly damaged bones of Ukrainian servicemen. If it were not for this technology their legs would be amputated.

Unique technology for growing bones helps ATO veterans

Even patients with such serious injuries can have the chance to walk again

Such treatment costs about $10 000 (200 000 UAH). The technological process requires foreign equipment and expensive imported reagents.

Source: Ukrainian patriots

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