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Unceasing violation of the truce by Russian-terrorist troops – shelling with mortars, artillery and small arms

September 30, 2014

Another cases of vilation of the truce. Ukrainian armed forces repel another powerful attack at Donetsk airport. – NSDC

Unceasing violation of the truce by Russian-terrorist troops

Spokesperson for Information-Analytic Center of National Security and defense Council colonel Andriy Lysenko reported this during daily press briefing in Kyiv.

Terrorists and Russian mercenaries continue to violate the truce and ceasefire regime in the Donbas.

The fighters again shelled positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donetsk airport with artillery and ‘Grad’ multiple rocket launcher systems. In addition, there were two attempts of an assault. All the attacks were successfully repelled.

Also yesterday, terrorists shelled the checkpoint of Ukrainian Armed Forces in Shahtarskiy region [Donetsk oblast] with mortars 3 times. They tried to attack the positions. Ukrainian militants successfully repelled the attacks.

Another position of Ukrainian Armed Forces in the same region was shelled five times with artillery, mortars and small arms.

The increase of shelling of residential areas was registered. In particular, yesterday gang of fighters carried out shelling with ‘Grad’ multiple rocket launcher system from the town of Kirovske in direction to Donetsk and Yenakievo, and also they shelled the village of Troitske in Yasynuvatskiy region [Donetsk oblast]. Criminals use self-propelled artillery ‘Tulpan’ [Tulip] which they have obtained from Russia for shelling of residential areas of the town of Debalstseve.

During the last day, there were no losses among Ukrainian Armed Forces. 3 militants got injured.

Source: National Security and Defense Council

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