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UN reports about tortures of volunteers and Crimean director Oleg Sentsov

October 9, 2014
UN reports about cases of tortures and mistreatment of prisoners by fighters of the self-proclaimed DNR and LNR

UN reports about torture of prisonersThe UN mission of Human Rights in Ukraine has registered cases of torture and mistreatment of prisoners by fighters of the self-proclaimed republics

The UN also reports about volunteers that were kidnapped during delivery of humanitarian aid. Fighters kept them prisoners for more than 20 days. During this time, volunteers were beaten with batons and baseball bats. Terrorists extinguished cigarette butts on their noses and pulled out their nails. Terrorists gave volunteers almost no food and refused to give them medical care. They took one of volunteers to the forest and ordered him to dig himself a grave. He refused and then terrorists beat him and broke his nose.
All those people were later released.
The UN also reports about tortures of Crimean director Oleg Sentsov. He was detained in Crimea and accused of terrorism. Sentsov himself told that they put plastic bag on his head and choked him to unconsciousness, beat him with fists and clubs, removed his pants and shorts, threatened to rape him with a club and murder.
The UN report also says that since the mid-April more than 3600 people died in Ukraine as the result of the conflict and more than 8700 were wounded. They said in the UN that probably some people had died before the announcement of the ceasefire on September 5, but the data about killed people was registered after this date.

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