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Ukrainians wished Putin not to return from taiga on his birthday

October 7, 2014

62 years ago there was born a man who turned an outright lie into a reality of the biggest country in the world

Ukrainians wished Putin not to return from taiga on his birthday

Ukrainians wished Putin not to return from taiga on his birthday 1

Today Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrates his 62-nd birthday.

According to the data from the President’s press secretary Dmitriy Peskov, he has taken a day off and has gone to taiga to celebrate his birthday. The information is not confirmed.

Russian president has been in power for 15 years already, he has shown the world unprecedented scale of lies in foreign and internal policy.

Thanks to him, every Russian knows that in February there was an armed coup in Ukraine and that in Donbas peaceful protesters seized administrative buildings with guns in their hands.

According to strange logics of Putin, there were no Russian servicemen in the Crimea in March, then it turned out that they had been there.

Russian militants stood behind women and children to protect them and Russian Nazi go to Donbas to fight against Ukrainian fascism. There are no Russian troops in Donbas, and if there are – they are volunteer who have taken a vacation and systematically violate the military statute. Meanwhile, no one of them was killed, and if were – signs and wreaths mysteriously disappear from their graves.

Because of Putin, complete agreement with the government has become the main criteria of political opposition and war is considered the chief mean in achieving peace.

During the last months, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, speaking in the occupied Crimea, proposed that the president should be crowned tsar. They also made a bill to make Putin’s birthday an official State Celebration.

Ukrainians and Russians enthusiastically joined the greetings to Russian President and wished him not to return from taiga.


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