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Ukrainian YA Fantasy “The Watchtower” Is Travelling Around the World

The rights to the Ukrainian film “The Watchtower” have been sold to 19 countries, Kinorob film production company reported.

The company specifies that the rights to “The Watchtower” were sold to China, South Korea, India, Japan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, France and French-speaking territories, Italy, Spain and Canada.

The film company added that since December 2017, the movie with English subtitles has been available for viewing to residents of 27 countries on the platforms of iTunes and Amazon Prime.

The film is about the adventures of a modern schoolboy, who through the magical portal travels a thousand years back in time and becomes a participant of heroic events. It is based on the same name fantasy novel written by the famous Ukrainian children’s writer Vladimir Rutkivsky and published in 2001.

In Ukraine “The Watchtower” has set a new box office record: the box office sales for the first weekend amounted to UAH 8 184 869, and 110 628 viewers watched the movie in cinemas! Now this spectacular fantasy will try to conquer the world and we invite you too to delve into the fascinating world of this breathtaking story.



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