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Ukrainian troops have to shift from semi-guerrilla war to positional defense

September 4, 2014

Putin’s ‘peaceful plan’ to deprive Ukraine of Donbas

Ukrainian troops have to shift from semi-guerilla war to positional defense

Summary of the most important events for September 3, 2014

Ukrainian troops now face the task they haven’t got used to during anti-terrorist operation – positional defense.

During all this time we had kind of semi – guerrilla war with emphasis in raids and maneuvers. When our forces were opposed mostly by fighters and Russian mercenaries this worked. But now, when Donbas is suddenly packed full with regular Russian troops the saving of our sub-units from forming encirclements, regrouping of forces and organizing of defense become the main tasks of our commandment.

This is bad that Russian – terrorists troops would also use that pause to fortify their positions – since they have more than enough reserves at Ukrainian border. We can rely of ‘peaceful regulation’ – this seems to be what Ukrainian government wants to reach. But this is very doubtful that terrorists’ conditions would be acceptable.

In this condition the number of mobilized and volunteers is not enough for further activity. But to put thousands more people under the gun – it is not beast political solution before elections. What Ukrainian government would do in such conditions – we can only guess.

Strange picture is being formed. Now and then Putin blurts out strange announcements, Peskov [Putin’s press-secretary] is running after him explaining that Putin’s words have been misinterpreted. Thus it was with ‘taking Kyiv in two weeks’, thus it was of Tuesday with ‘agreement on permanent ceasefire in Donbas’.

As far as I [Tymchuk] understand after occupation of Crimea there have been irreversible changes in Putin’s psyche – a kind of aphasia. His brain mechanisms of speech activity have clearly been broken – he clearly and distinctly says one thing, but means something opposite.

Guys from the Kremlin, find your boss a good doctor. Because it is a pity. It remains mystery how Peskov understand what Putin wants to say. He must have learned to read his thoughts, bastard.

Later Putin spoke of his ‘peaceful plan’: withdraw Ukrainian troops, stop firing, and do not prevent terrorists covered by Russia troops to settle themselves on occupied territories. In short, Putin’s plan is a pronounced plan of deprivation of Ukraine of Donbas with further transforming it into new Transnistria. That what we spoke about previously.

Source: Facebook, head of Centre of Military and Political Studies and coordinator of Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk

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