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Ukrainian troops have to retreat

September 3, 2014

DNR and LNR don’t want to be part of Ukraine anymore

Ukrainian troops have to retreat

Summary of events for September 2, 2014 by coordinator of Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchuk

1. Ukrainian troops have left a number of settlements. We are retreating

But I [Tymchuk] would not focus on the fact of retreat as a loss. Another thing is much more important in this situation. If our commandment really withdraws the troop to avoid their encirclement and regroup them (this is an official version) – it is not a tragedy but a necessary decision, which is essential to further advance.

We’ll know soon whether it is true and whether our commandment has adequate plans of further activity. My personal opinion – unfortunately, there are very few reasons for optimism.

2. Only yesterday I wrote that Putin doesn’t need Donbas as part of Ukraine (although during negotiation in Minsk terrorists spoke about some ‘autonomy of DNR and LNR as part of our state) and it, alas, became true.

Donetsk and Luhansk puppets of the Kremlin have immediately forgotten about their previous theses and shriek that they cannot see themselves as part of Ukraine. This impermanence of terrorists is easy to explain: evidently they have received another order from Moscow that has decided not to hide its real plans anymore. Because it is clear that Donbas as an autonomy cannot be bridgehead for further capturing of southern and western regions of Ukraine. For this the Kremlin need new Transnistria that would be wholly controlled by it.

This is another reason to make sure: one can begin negotiation with Russian only when he is mentally mentally agree with Moscow dividing Ukraine. The only benefit of these negotiations in exchange of prisoners.

Source: Dmytro Tymchuk – head of Centre of Military and Political Studies and coordinator of Information Resistance group.

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