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Ukrainian tribute – video +18

Today, on January 22, in Kyiv there will be held Veche for the memory of the first heroes of Heaven Hundred.

Heaven Hundred are more than 100 civilians and patriots killed in centre of Kyiv a year ago during Maidan Revolution.

In addition, people will honor the memory of cyborgs – defenders of Donetsk airport. This place has become a symbol of resistance and force of Ukrainian people. Only today did cyborgs retreat form the airport due to its complete destruction.

Ukrainian tribute – video +18
Ukrainian tribute – video +18

The activists will gather at Independence Square to hold the following activities:

  • Peoples Veche
  • Procession through Hrushevkogo street in commemoration of the dead
  • Opening of photo exhibition dedicated to the killed heroes
  • Communication in format of free microphone, reading of poetry, speeches and more.

The photographs – fights during Maidan Revolution. Young man on the first photo – Serhiy Nigoyan – the first protester killed on Maidan. He was shot by sniper on January 22, 2014.

The video down below tells about Maidan Revolution and war in Ukraine. It contains cruel scenes and displays dead bodies.

Ukrainian tribute – blood and stone

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