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Ukrainian startups you would like to try

Ukrainian startups you would like to try

In 2014 The Good County Index ranked Ukraine on the 13th place next to Germany and France.

Here are Ukrainian startups of recent year that helped the West to see Ukraine without prism of political turmoil.

Some of them got wide resonance outside Ukraine. But, in case you haven’t seen them yet, scroll down. They’re awesome! And here they are.


9 Ukrainian startups that will amaze you

Ukrainian startups you would like to try

Entertain your pet with Petcube

Entertain your pet with Petcube

We start the list with the best hardware-startup of Europe in 2014.

This strange devise is a robot designed to help people play (and keep an eye on) their pets when they are out.

Petcube is programmed so that people can use mobile application to play laser games, talk to their pets. In addition, the device can take pictures and shoot videos of their pets and post them. iOS application launched on March 27, 2014 has already become a social network for pet lovers. In addition to sharing pictures of their cats and dogs people can exchange messages using the application.

Watch video presentation of Petcube here.

Portative flash iBlazr

Portative flash iBlazr

Ukrainian project iBlazr is a portative flash device that can be connected to iPad, iPhone Touch of iPhone.

The device helps to create better photos or video even when illumination is bad.

iBlazr can be attached right to your mobile device or used as external flash device using headset extension.

iBlazr appeared in official Apple stores since September 2014 and costs almost $50.

iBlazr video presentation here.

Find place for your car with Tap4parking

Find place for your car with Tap4parking

This project is a pure relief for drivers in big cities of Ukraine.

Tap4parking startup performs two functions simultaneously. First of all it helps to find parking places in big cities and can calculate approximate cost of parking at the closest private parking complexes.

The start of the project was accompanied by social campaign across Ukraine. Its aim was to draw road marking and educate drivers of mutual loyalty.


Amazing digital world of Gutenbergz

Amazing digital world of Gutenbergz

This outstanding project combines storytelling with interactivity creating wonderful stories in digital world.

Interactive books by Gutenbergz are quite popular outside Ukraine. So if you haven’t seen them yet, we assure you it is worth doing so.

The aim of this project is to attract attention to important social problems and shed light on events in Ukraine.

Some latest projects of the campaign were dedicated to some most important and tragic events in modern Ukrainian history – Chernobyl disaster and EuroMaidan Revolution.

More about tap4parking project.

Get juice with LaMetric

Get juice with LaMetric

LaMetric is device programmed to collect and display most important information for its user.

For example, the device can inform you about weather forecast, health state, notifications from social networks and email. LaMetric can synchronize with such applications as Google Calendar, Apple Store and many others.

In addition, the device can display information about sport achievements of its user and has built in timer and stopwatch.

Video presentation LaMetric.

Search for people you need using Publicfast

The aim of this project is to help finding opinion leaders in social networks using various criteria like age, category of geography. After selection such leaders are offered paid cooperation in sphere of marketing influence.

The chief task of the leader is promotion of advertisement campaign of an organization.

The platform analyzes pages of users in details. So far the platform has distinguished 6 categories of Facebook users: half of them are average users, 20% are bloggers, 17% are leaders, there are only 2% of spammers and other 3% don’t fit into any category.

In addition to commercial value for marketing companies, the program can be used for quick sociological investigations.


Smart project watch Ritot

Smart project watch Ritot

This device is unusual in all sorts of ways. We bet you have never seen watch like this.

The project watch has got a projector that makes it possible to use the device at any time.

In addition to projecting time on user’s hand the watch can inform about incoming calls, text messages, reminders, emails, Facebook or Twitter notifications.

Ritot has also got vibrating alert and timer.

So it’s like you can leave you smarphone on the bottom of your bag and be sure that you don’t miss a single call or social notification.

Ritot video review.

Save all you need with MBLOK

Save all you need with MBLOK

MBLOK is a repository of files with capacity up to 256 GB.

This device is really small and can be connected to any gadget. MBLOK has also got Bluetooth to exchange data with smartphones with data transfer rate of 24 Mbit/s.

The device can work without charging for 300 hours.

Creators talk about MBLOK.

Build effective team with Jell

Build effective team with Jell

This startup is based on the principles of socionics to help building workable and effective teams.

If you have ever heard about sociotypes you know how it works. Socionics studies exchange of information between people and outer world, the way they perceive it, process and reproduce. Based on this knowledge it is possible to classify sociotype of person and predict his reaction, character and compatibility with others.

Jell uses these knowledge to discover sociotype of every team member, discover his strong and weak sides, principles of effective cooperation with other colleagues.

Based on this information it is possible to create teams with highest level of effectiveness and minimum of conflicts.

More about Jell advantages and how it works.


Projects like this reach top places in world It-startups ratings and attract investments.

It is clear enough that our nation has got huge intellectual potential. Our task is to help young talents to find their place in Ukraine so that they don’t go abroad in search of better future.


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