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Ukrainian soldiers told about the critical state of Armed Forces near Izvaryne

July 16, 2014

The soldiers of the 72-nd Mechanized Brigade located in Izvaryne in Lugansk region are being encircled for 4 days and are having serious losses. Because of dense fire of terrorists they can’t take away dead and wounded.

 Soldiers can't take away dead and wounded because of dense terrorist firing

This is reported by Informator who has had a telephone conversation with one of brigade commanders. The soldiers have almost run out of seed and ammunition, they can’t break through the encirclement on their own.

According to the officer fighters methodically shell Ukrainian soldiers with artillery and volley fire systems. The situation is critical, soldiers are not sure whether they will survive till morning. The same is reported by another officer of the brigade who has told about the critical situation in his telephone interview ti ‘Espreso.TV’.

Soldiers mention that firing is conducted from the side of the state border, but it is unknown from which terroritory – Russian of Ukrainian. Fighters are shelling with ‘Grad’ systems, grenades and mortars, severals soldier were blow up on mines. The planes are flying over Ukrainian all the time. Recently the fighters have stopped firing. But soldiers hear that there are fights not far from them – the 79-th Airborne brigade, that is also encircled, is being shelled. Moreover fighters have encircled the soldiers of the 24-th Mechanized Brigade that has already had heavy losses in the area of Zelenopillya on July 11.

‘Only today we have found out that we’re cut off, the battalion commander told us. And speaking about the Brigade commander, I saw him a couple of times 2 months ago’, – the officer said.

According to TSN, press secretary of the centre of the ATO Vladyslav Seleznyov in his turn said that commanders are aware of the hard situation and is doing anything possible to save them. According to Seleznyov the plane that was shot down by terrorists on July 15 had been a part of a plan of rescuing the soldiers.

‘We consider those guys to be heroes, we haven’t forgotten about them and we’re doing everything possible to help them’, – Seleznyov declared.


Source: UNIAN.UA

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