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Ukrainian people will decide whether Ukraine should join NATO

November 27, 2014

Not politics, but Ukrainian people are to decide whether Ukraine should join NATO

Ukrainian people will decide whether Ukraine should join NATO

People of Ukraine, not politics will decide whether Ukraine should join NATO. Politics should stop speculating about immediate joining.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko declared this during his speech in Verkhovna Rada

‘I call on everyone to realize that political speculations about immediate, even today, joining NATO do not approach but postpone the time of joining. We need to achieve criteria necessary for joining. Secondly, let us be honest, we should take into consideration cautious attitude of some of our foreign partners to this topic. We made statement and immediately received response that Ukraine would never be a member of NATO. They are not to decide, Ukrainian people are to make decision’, – president underlined.

The Coalition Agreements signed on November 21 clearly defines the course of Ukraine to join NATO.

On November 24 NATO Seretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Ukraine would be a member of the alliance when in fulfils the criteria and when it wants it.

‘The door remains open. We have decided this. I was in Bucharest when we decide that Ukraine would become member of NATO. This decision remains in power if Ukraine fulfils the criteria and if it wants in [to become NATO member]’, – said Stoltenberg.

Meanwhile, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to have guarantees that Ukraine will not join NATO when it refuses from its non-aligned status.

Previously we reported that, according to the President, the number of supporters of joining NATO among Ukrainians has increased 3-4 times.




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