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Ukrainian Parliament will consider a bill to ban the Communist ideology on October 14

October 6, 2014

The Parliament will consider the bill to ban Communist party in Ukraine

Ukrainian Parliament will consider a bill to ban the Communist ideology on October 14

Head of political fraction ‘Freedom’ Oleg Tiagnybok informed this of his Facebook page.

‘During the conciliatory council we agreed with the proposal of ‘Freedom’ [‘Svoboda’] to cinsider the ban of Communits ideology on October 14’, – the deputy wrote.

The leaders of Communist party have been noted as supporters of separatism. They supplied terrorists in Donbas in their attempts to break territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Besides, according to Tiagnybok, they agreed to consider a bill that presupposes the recognition of Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and Ukrainian Insurgent Army as fighters for the independence of Ukraine.

Editor: Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists or OUN was created in 1929 in Western Ukraine (interwar Poland at the time). Some historian have characterized the organization as ‘fascist’ for being revolutionary ultra-nationalist. The strategy of the OUN was to achieve independence of Ukraine and protect population from repression. Their attempts to establish Ukrainian state included violence and terrorist against foreign and domestic enemies (Poland, Czechoslovakia and Russia) which controlled territory inhabited by ethnical Ukrainians.

Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists

Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists

Ukrainian Insurgent Army was a military wing of OUN, Ukrainian paramilitary army that later became partisan. During WWII Ukrainian Insurgent Army was engaged in number of hostilities against  Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, and both Underground and Communist Poland.

Ukrainian Insurgent Army

Ukrainian Insurgent Army battle flag

Stepan Bandera was a leader of OUN and fighter for independence of Ukraine. Today Russian propaganda tends to call ‘banderivists’ all patriots of Ukraine or people with pro-Ukrainian point of view.

Stepan Bandera

Stepan Bandera


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