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Ukrainian illustrator has created a graphic story about the quarantine in China

Yuliia Tveritina, an illustrator from Kyiv who now lives in China, has created a short graphic story about the life of the quarantined people in China. Yuliia describes her first-hand experience of the quarantine in China:

“Of course, there was no work during the epidemic. Since the beginning of January, the rumors about the Wuhan virus have started to intensify, the situation was as it is now in Ukraine when there are not enough infected people to panic, and some people still do not believe, and the others believe in betrayal and are preparing for the end of the world. On Chinese New Year, despite the warnings, everyone went home (the time of the Great Migration) to celebrate, which caused an explosion in the number of the infected. Then the quarantine was announced in Wuhan.

In the early days, no one understood what was happening. Thousands of people fled the city by car and then posted their photos from the Shanghai Disneyland, or against the background of St. Mark’s Cathedral. They rejoiced that they had run away from the ban and did not believe in the reality of the infection. In the end, everything was closed, every city and every village, every compound. I could not get into my workshop – the entrance to the building was locked. All educational institutions are still working online, even now. But the supermarkets worked, so no one was interested in buying toilet paper. Even the masks could be bought somehow.

We all stayed in and watched cool, patriotic videos about those who fought the virus on the cutting edge, everybody was touched to tears. Strict isolation worked, since the infection in most cases is caused by contact with a group of people in a confined space.

Actually, if we forget about the sad part of the situation, the quarantine helped me do at least something from my to-do list. A very small part. And it was a pleasant time of silence and desolation. The air cleared. I saw white egrets living on the roof of an office building nearby, the sky was finally blue. I did not notice any big difference between the artist’s life in winter in the quarantine times and in ordinary times.”

We wish all our readers health, courage, and optimism!

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