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Despite war in the east Ukrainian harvest grows [infographics]

Despite war in the east Ukrainian harvest grows [infographics]

In spite of hostilities in the east, early grain harvest results of 2015 display growth in comparison to the same results in 2014.

The agriculture volume that Ukraine produces is enough for export as well as consumption inside the country.

This years result show up growth by two million tons in comparison on 2014.

In 2013-2014 Ukraine exported 32.4 million tons.

2014-2015 come up with 34.8 million tons.

Forecast for the following year is incredible 40 million tons.

Ukraine currently exports grains to such markets as European Union, China, UAE, Iran, Egypt etc.

$6 billion are expected earnings from export of agricultural products this year.


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According to Minister of Agrarian policy and Food of Ukraine Oleksiy Pavlenko, today there are opportunities to double the country’s export capacities during the next three or four years.

This infographics is brought to you by Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

More interesting information about Ukraine can be found on their multi-language website.

Ukraine harvest result grow by 2 million tons in 2015


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