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Ukrainian forces in Ilovaisk have been reinforced

August 21, 2014

Ukrainian border and customs services began clearance of Russian humanitarian aid

Ukrainian forces in Ilovaisk have been reinforced

This was reported by NSDC Information Center spokesman Andriy Lysenko during traditional press briefing in Kyiv.

Terrorists continue to shell the positions of the ATO forces in order to create a corridor to supply military equipment and fighters from Russia. But due to constant pressure of Ukrainian armed forces terrorists began to retreat. Some of them even try to leave the occupied teritories under the guise of refugees.

Ukrainian armed forces located near the town of Ilovaisk got a powerful reinforcement. This allowed our troops to entrench themselves and repel two more attacks of terrorists. Most of the city is currently under the control of Ukrainian armed forces. But terrorists try to return the lost territory.

Today at 02.15 pm. Ukrainian border and customs services began border and customs clearance of Russian humanitarian load in border checkpoint Donetsk [Russian federation].

Today at 11.30 am and at 12.10 pm checkpoint where soldiers of National Guards and volunteer battalions serve has been shelled with heavy artillery from territory of Russian Federation.

Despite the fact that the location was crowded terrorists cynically shelled the checkpoint. Ukrainian militants reacted instantly and in mortal danger evacuated people into their own bunkers and shelters, thus saving lives of all refugees and tourists. Civilian casualties were avoided.

Source: National Security and Defense Council

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