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Ukrainian flag raised over Lysychansk

July 25, 2014

Ukrainian Armed Forces raised a flag over the town council of Lysychansk and began to release the town from illegal armed groups.

Ukrainian flag raised over Lysychansk

Lieutenant General Chief of Staff Viktor Muzhenko reported this to President Petro Porosenko.

The Head of State expressed confidence that the Armed Forces will perform their task with honour and release the town of Lysychansk from terrorists establishing tranquility and peace.

It was clarified in the ATO pres centre that flag had been raised over the city at 10.20 pm.

‘The of the liberation of the city lasted 2 days and was extremely difficult. Terrorists resisted fiercely. Part of them panicked and fled from the town joining the other criminals before the main attack’, – the noted in the press centre.

‘Due to well-planned operation soldiers of Ukrainian Armed Forces have delivered powerful strikes at concentration of enemy’s manpower, checkpoints, strongholds and other fortifications of groups, as result it has allowed to liberate Lysychansk from the invaders’, – they informed in the ATO forces.

On Friday the operation in Lysychansk will be continued. Sub-units of Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Guard of Ukraine will carry out sweeping of the remnants of enemy and small gangs that are probably still in the town.

As it was informed previously that on July 23 in course of battle for Lysychansk commander of the military unit 3011 of Central operative territorial unit of the National Guard Oleksandr Radievskiy had been killed.


Source: UNIAN.UA

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