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Ukrainian flag on skyscraper in Moscow

August 20, 2014

This morning Ukrainian flag appeared on one of highest building of Moscow

Ukrainian flag on skyscraper in Moscow

Ukrainian flag on skyscraper in Moscow

This night 4 Russian citizens made a courageous deed – they climbed one of highest buildings in Moscow on Kotelnicheska street to paint its top in blue and yellow colours. They also installed huge Ukrainian flag on the top of it. According to eyewitnesses the guy who did it then jumped with parachute.

This aroused discontent in Russian media and approval in Ukrainian one. While Russian police called this ‘act of vandalism’, in Ukraine even President Poroshenko favoured such act. Unfortunately 4 Moscow citizens (2 men and women) have soon been detained and are currently kept under arrest. A criminal case has been started against them, they can be even imprisoned for 3 years for what they have done. The star on the top of the building was repainted in several hours but the photos of Ukrainian flag at the top of building in Moscow quickly spread in social networks.

We express gratitude to 4 courageous Russians for their support of Ukraine in these hard days and hope that they’ll be able to avoid cruel punishment and imprisonment.

Source: UNIAN

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